Combat Bullying through Sports (Judo BULL VS SPORTS)



Judo is not just a sport, but a philosophy, an education system and a way of life. The Malta Judo Federation with its Partner Countries will take this journey to discover and learn more about human rights, developing more awareness on the need for social inclusion, and sports to combat Bullying and to promote active citizenship and mutual understandings of different cultures. This Project is based on a 9 day youth exchange, 59 participants bringing together different Countries to share their experience and learn through discussions, videos, role-plays, cultural activities and Team Work.. Through this project we will be discussing 10 different types of bullying; participants will discuss and use all the tools possible to understand how one can use Sports and intercultural awareness can combat Bullying. This will all be done with the help of our youth worker. Better Awareness of Bullying and how to handle it increased self-empowerment and self-esteem enhanced intercultural awareness more active participation in society and volunteering, Social inclusion and Solidarity Tolerance, friendship, sincerity and courage By the end of this project, the participant will have the knowledge to use sports as a tool in life, how sports will keep them active not only physically but also as an active citizenship, signs of bullying and how to deal with them, the ability to work in a team and to cope with conflicts A project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

#Judobullvssports #antibullying

The material for this project, can be downloaded through our dropbox link.

Click here for the photo Album of this project
Project Results



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