Jeremy Saywell

Name: Jeremy Saywell Jeremy Saywell Photo

Age: 24years old

Club: Malta Judo Academy
I started when I was 5 yrs old, with Sensei Alex Bezzina, till the age of 9. I then had a four year hiatus as I pursued another sport. However, I returned to judo when I was 13 years old and have been training ever since.

MJF: Why did you start Judo?
Jeremy: As a young boy I was always very energetic. My father, also a judoka, saw this as an opportunity to direct my energy into something constructive.

MJF: Which is your favourite value in Judo? Why?
Jeremy: Respect. Winning or losing all Judokas must respect one another.

MJF: Who is your favourite international judoka?
Jeremy: Ilias Iliadis. I like the way he makes people fly 🙂

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